After Two Years, South Jersey Family's Dog Found via Microchip

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GLOUCESTER COUNTY, N.J. --After going missing more than two years ago, a local pup is finally back home where she belongs.

Dog owner Geneva Boone has been hoping for a miracle and this week her dreams came true when officials with the Gloucester County Animal Shelter called to say her little Princess was coming home.

"That is my baby!" exclaimed Boone.

A reunion two years in the making was made possible by a tiny microchip placed under Princess' skin many years ago.

"Whether it's with a tag, ID tag, [or] a microchip, it's always a good feeling to get the animals back to the owner," said Owen Sturm, assistant manager of the Gloucester County Animal Shelter. 

Sturm also shared some thoughts and tips on the process of procuring microchips.

"I recommend microchips," said Sturm. "Just make sure they are registered, and all your information is updated. It's very important if you move or change your number to make sure that the microchip information is changed for your pets, as well."

While Princess has some recovering to do, her family feels like she never left.

County officials and the family hope her story will inspire others in the community to microchip their pets and to never give up hope.

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