O.C. Boardwalk Business Owners Look Back on Summer, Forward to Fall

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The sunshine and blue skies brought quite the crowd to the Ocean City Boardwalk on Labor Day Monday, September 4th, as hundreds of visitors got in that last slice of summer vacation.

A few of the business owners on the Boardwalk say that the amount of days with good weather conditions make or break their summer business.

“We’ve been pretty consistent, actually,” said Laura Idell, owner of Monkey Bread. “We had quite a few rainy nights, but overall, it’s been great down here this summer.”

“It’s been a good summer, but some nights it gets a little thin early, and you wonder why, and you really don’t know,” said John Gaeta, owner of Big Slice.  “You open your doors and hope for the best.”

SNJ Today's Nor’easter Nick says about 14.5 inches of rain hit Ocean City this summer, which is about double the average amount.

But despite the wet weather on busy nights, plenty of shops on the Ocean City Boardwalk still served a decent crowd.

“It’s been a good summer, but some nights it gets a little thin early, and you wonder why, and you really don’t know. You open your doors and hope for the best.”

“It’s about average,” said Jamie Ford, owner of Barefoot Trading Company.  “It certainly wasn’t 'Woo! The greatest summer ever!' But we certainly did well.”

Although the last traces of the summertime crowd will start to head home this week, some Boardwalk business owners say they look forward to Labor Day weekend.

“We had some weather issues last year, [and] the year before,” said Gaeta. “This year we had a little bit of a scare, but I think overall, we’re going to have a pretty good weekend.”

“This is one of the last busier days of the season,” said Idell. “I mean, Ocean City does a lot to get people down here in the off season on weekends, so we’ll be open on weekends until Halloween.”

And as we say ‘goodbye’ to those summer beach days, many business owners along the boards are saying an eager ‘hello’ to the fall.

“September is just a nicer month in general,” said Ford. “The weather is fantastic. I mean, today is a prototypical September day. The water just sparkles, the sun's a little lower, it’s warm.”

But season after season, the owners still look forward to the same visitors.

“It’s nice to see the same loyal customers coming by and enjoying a good product,” said Idell.

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