Homeless in South Jersey: 'Kids Stealing Clothes Out of Lost and Found'

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School bells will soon be ringing, and a Williamstown group is asking its community to step up in order to help kids in the area head back to school in style.

“We found out recently there [are] a lot of kids in need in our town," said Scott Whyte, co-founder of Lead The Way. 

"There are 300 homeless kids in Gloucester County, 44 of them that are recognized in Williamstown.”

The team behind Lead the Way, a group of people that comes together when the community needs a helping hand, realized this after getting a call from one of the schools in town.

Kids were stealing clothes out of the lost and found because they didn’t have sneakers for gym class.

“This past year, we had counselors reach out to us saying that they were finding out that kids didn’t have clothes," said Whyte. "Kids were stealing clothes out of the lost and found because they didn’t have sneakers for gym class.”

After reaching out to the community, they received support right away.

That’s how Operation School Clothes was created.

“We’re giving kids a chance to go back to school shopping," said Whyte. "They don’t have to pay for anything.

These are kids that normally can’t afford to go back-to-school shopping.”

The community has responded in a big way so far, but,  according to organizers, the group is still collecting donations.

“Friday night, September 8th, at the Pfeiffer Community Center people can drop off any clothes," said White.

"We’ll have volunteers there breaking the clothes down in sizes."

The big day for the kids to go back-to-school shopping will be Saturday, September 9th.

“We’ll have everything separated on tables where they can just walk in, take what they need, and walk out — no questions asked,” said Whyte.

The event at the Pfeiffer Community Center will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“If you know of anybody in need, please send them our way, and they can get clothing, no questions asked,” said Whyte.

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