Harvey Help: South Jersey Animal Shelter Hoping to Reunite Dogs, Owners

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VORHEES, NJ --Calling all animal lovers.

Now is your chance to help those Texan dogs that have been separated from their families because of Hurricane Harvey, by adopting from a local shelter.

“We’ve got a busy weekend coming up with adoptions," said Jennifer Bailey, marketing director for the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. "This will free up space, which will then mean we can bring in dogs from St. Hubert’s, who in turn will bring them from Texas,” said Jennifer Bailey, marketing director for the Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

A Number of Ways You Can Help Harvey Victims

Officials from the animal orphanage are working with representatives from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center out of Madison, N.J. 

The staff at St. Hubert’s is taking in dogs from Texas-area shelters to help give them room to hold displaced dogs that were rescued from the flooding.

“We want to be clear about that,” said Bailey. “Those animals will remain in Texas because, of course, we want them to be reunited with their owners.” 

This is where help from the community comes into play.

This is what it’s all about — giving back.

“Follow us on Facebook," said Bailey. "If you see us posting about a dog, share that post, because then someone might see it and fall in love [and adopt it]." 

Outside of adoptions, the Voorhees Animal Orphanage is also a municipal shelter, meaning that it takes strays and surrenders in from 17 Camden County towns. 

Bailey says they have 65 spots in total to hold dogs, and will continue to keep them filled with dogs from St. Hubert’s, or if needed, directly from Texas.

“Thankfully our adoptions have been going well," said Bailey, "so we can continue to turn the kennels over. We anticipate that we’ll still be able to pull from them.” 

Every dog that comes into Voorhees goes through 10 days in quarantine to ensure they’re completely healthy. 

While the orphanage does not do same-day adoptions, Bailey recommends filling out an application as soon as you see a dog you like. 

Currently, they do have one shelter dog from Texas, named Antonio, who will be eligible for adoption next week.

“There’s only one dog right now,” said Bailey. “But we’re able to help in any small way. This is what it’s all about — giving back.” 

The more free spaces here in South Jersey, the more spaces Texas will have to reunite dogs with their owners.

A Number of Ways You Can Help Harvey Victims

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