Secrets of South Jersey Craft Beverage Tourism Success

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Over the last few years, the New Jersey craft beverage tourism industry has grown exponentially, specifically with local breweries and distilleries.

“New Jersey is a unique place, it’s different than our surrounding states, and why is that?” said Christina Cavaliere, assistant professor of Hospitality and Tourism Studies for Stockton University. “So our craft producers were really focusing on iconic things in the state. Like folklore, our Jersey Devil. Our bridges, our mountains, and rivers.”

That is one of the many secrets to success that two Stockton University Hospitality and Tourism professors say help keep local breweries, distillers, and wineries afloat.

“What we’ve found is that they’re genuinely committed to the state and they have created just a local, deep-rooted, loyal customer base,” said Donna Albano, Associate Professor for Hospitality and Tourism Management at Stockton University.

The women recently contributed towards a two-volume textbook, taking a look at how New Jersey’s beverage tourism industry stands out.

What we’ve found is that they’re genuinely committed to the state and they have created just a local, deep-rooted, loyal customer base.

One of many patterns they found was the connection between the small businesses and their Jersey roots.

“When a consumer comes to experience the craft beverage tourism product, they’re also experiencing other things,” said Cavaliere. “Local restaurants and other types of local attractions.”

Stockton University experts agree that Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City sets the perfect example for how a small, beverage tourism business can make a big impact.

“I think what we’ve done is really, kind of, offered yet another aspect of tourism interest in Atlantic City,” said Mark Ganter, CEO of Little Water Distillery.

Little Water Distillery will soon be celebrating its first year in business.

After getting their multiple products out and around the Atlantic City area, the owners understand what it means to be partners with other local businesses.

“Any kind of opportunity that allows us to help someone build their business, in effect, helps build ours,” said Ganter.

The business is also focusing on their roots, with a map of Atlantic City on every bottle, and a special spirit made specifically for the shore resort.

“48 Blocks was a special one because it was a product we never intended to do, and only decided to do when we found ourselves in the middle of a vodka town and that’s all anyone ever asks for,” said Genter.

As the beverage tourism industry continues to grow, it’s likely local breweries, distilleries, and wineries will keep finding new ways to show Jersey pride.

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