Must Watch: See How South Jersey 7-Year-Old Pulls Out Baby Tooth

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You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t shoot your eye out!”

But what about your tooth?

A local seven-year-old is gaining thousands of views on social media after her mother posted a video of her creative way to pull out her first baby tooth.

“I tied floss around the tooth and I attached it to the arrow, and then I put the arrow on the bow and arrow and I shot it,” said Autumn Cannon, 7, of Cape May Court House.

And just like that, Autumn Cannon’s first baby tooth was out.

I tied floss around the tooth and I attached it to the arrow, and then I put the arrow on the bow and arrow and I shot it.

Although she was a little bit behind her friends when it came to loosing teeth, Autumn knew exactly what she wanted to do when the time came.

“When I was six years old, I got my bow and arrow for Christmas from Santa Claus,” said Autumn.

A gift from Kris Kringle helped her receive a gift from the tooth fairy, a crisp and sparkly $10 bill.

Autumn’s mother, who works as a dental assistant, made sure the tooth was safe to be pulled before she taped the video of her daughter shooting it out.

“When it came loose on Saturday and she wanted to do it on Sunday, I checked it and said, ‘OK, I guess we’re ready to go!’” said Arriele Cannon, Autumn’s mother.

More than 8,500 views on social media later, the family has seen plenty of positive responses for Autumn’s creative idea.

“I never in a million years thought it would take off like it did,” said Arriele.

As the video continues to gain views and popularity, the young girl’s goal is to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.

But until then, she’s continuing to come up with more ideas for the next loose tooth to hand over to the fairy, with a special treat.

“I gave her a plum with a note under it and it said ‘To the tooth fairy, I hope you enjoy this, from Autumn,’” said Autumn.

Thousands of views and a missing tooth, all thanks to one lucky shot.

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