South Jersey Jewelry Store Sells Bling to Support Pups

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Bernie Robbins is celebrating the dog days of summer by selling some bling for a good cause.

“We’re excited. We’re gearing up for Dog Fever, which is a new line of enamel-based jewelry that we’re bringing in. It’s customized to your favorite dog breed,” said Cristen Sipas, the Marketing Director at Bernie Robbins Jewelers.

The collection has more than 50 breeds of pups and the pieces ranges from $150 to $650.

“We know people love their dogs so you can now showcase your dog on your finger, or your wrist,” said Sipas.

Ten percent of every purchase at the Friday, August 25th, event will go to the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.

“This year we’ve really been focusing on giving back to the community and working with local-based charities,” said Sipas.

The nonprofit is based out of Philadelphia and helps take care of animals affected by disasters.

“They’re looking to grow, and this area was affected by Hurricane Sandy, and Red Paw was involved in that and they’ve really helped out in the community here,” said Sipas.

Members of Red Paw and the Humane Society of Ocean City will be at the event explaining what the charities do.

“We want to see them do more down in this area and we felt by bringing them on board, there’s an opportunity for them to educate the public and to get involved at a more local level here in Somers Point,” said Sipas.

Along with some bling, each customer will be sent home with a doggie bag filled with goodies, including a special treat for their pup.

Friday’s event runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Bernie Robbins location in Somers Point. If you’re interested in flaunting your furry friend, this is the place you’ll want to be.

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