Tattoo Artists and Admirers Gather at the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash

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Friday, August 11th, is the first day of the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash.

Staff members from Rebel Image Tattoo are hosting the expo and show at the Wildwood Convention Center all weekend long. The event, in its 8th year, is expected to draw a diverse crowd of tattoo artists and fans.

Attendees of the expo will be able to witness some live tattooing being done by nationally known tattoo artists, or even get a little ink themselves.

There will also be art exhibits, contests, and live musical performances.

It's just a great atmosphere here and everybody's here to have fun," said Carl Blasphemy, host of the weekend bash. "It's a summer vacation atmosphere and we keep that [vibe circulating] in the room."

Blasphemy intends on sharing his nationally known small screen friends with the people who attend the expo.

"Some of my best friends in the world are here in this room," said Blasphemy. "They just happen to be TV stars, from Inkmaster Tattoo Nightmares, Tattoo Rescue, and other shows."

Admission to the tattoo expo is $20 a day and doors open at 11 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

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