A New Brewery is Ready to Open its Doors in Gloucester County

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Death of the Fox Brewing Company is putting the finishing touches on their space in Clarksboro before officially opening up next week.

“We’ve been dialing in our system and making sure that we have a good quality product,” said Chuck Garrity, president of Death of the Fox Brewing Company.

He started brewing at home ten years ago, and after developing a passion for a good craft brew and a cup of joe he decided to combine the two.

“I think they go great together. Literally I find that most people that enjoy good quality beer also enjoy good quality coffee and tea,” said Garrity.

The spot will be open seven days a week, serving coffee and tea from open to close and beer at night Wednesday through Sunday.

And the name isn’t just something he made up. It actually comes from the headquarters for the first fox hunting club in America.

“...A lot of history was made in this area. What we’re trying to do is bring awareness to that history. Throughout our tasting room you’ll see references to that history,” said Garrity.

Along with a tour of the brewery, people can get a taste of their six beers all ready to be poured starting next week or one of their coffees provided by a local shop called Crescent Moon.

Sticking with creating local relationships, Garrity is hoping to set the tone with local bands.

“I’m looking for a place where people are treated kindly, where we have local relationships, building a community that’s connected with each other and that’s what Death of the Fox is all about,” said Garrity.

He couldn’t be happier to officially open after the several soft openings he’s held.

“The reaction of our customers, the reaction of just the community in general has just been so amazing. We’re just so excited to be able to open up our doors to the public now,” said Garrity.

Death of the Fox Brewing Company officially opens their doors to serve coffee and tea on Monday, August 14th and will start pouring beers on Wednesday, August 16th.

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