Salem County Residents Celebrate National Book Lover's Day with Bookmobile

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Pick up a good book because it’s time to celebrate National Book Lover's Day. And if you're a book lover in one South Jersey county, those beloved paperbacks, hard covers, and audio books will come to you.  

A four-wheeled white truck can be seen driving through Salem County keeping residents in the area hooked on good books.

“We come to them instead of them coming to us,” said Amelia Salinas, a library clerk at the Salem Community College County Bookmobile.

For decades, many drivers of the bookmobile have traveled all over the county bringing books to people that otherwise wouldn't have the chance to get them.

“I just think there wasn’t enough libraries," said Salinas. "Right now we’re in Pittsgrove Township and there’s no library at all, so this was just a way to serve the entire community.” 

Just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean the drivers fall short when it comes to their inventory.

“We have DVDs here, both nonfiction and fiction," said Salinas. "We also have [items] for kids, young adults ,and adults. It’s a good variety."

Salinas, and her co-worker who run the show as a team, ditch the computer and keep track of books going in and out of the truck.

“You have to be a county resident [to get books]," said Salinas. "You fill out a card and it doesn’t cost anything."

According to Salinas, when you get the card "you can come get books at any location that we stop at.” 

For the bookmobile clerks, every day is National Book Lover's Day.

“I think reading is the best thing you can do," said Salinas. "I love to read and I like to pick books out for our patrons."

It was hard for Salinas to contain her excitement when describing different aspects of the job.

"Imagine doing this for a living," said Salinas. "Handing out books and being around books [is awesome]." 

The mobile library clerks said working on the bookmobile helps them to create relationships with their patrons.

“Well, you really get to know them and it becomes like a friendship,” said Salinas.

The Salem Community College County Bookmobile can be found bringing a variety of good books to your neighborhood, Monday through Wednesday, making an ordinary day extraordinary for book lovers all across the county.

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