Rainy Summer Weather Impacts South Jersey Produce

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It’s been a particularly rainy summer, especially these last couple of weeks.

But how has the extra water been affecting South Jersey farms?

“When there is a lot of rain, there is the possibility of spreading disease,” said Joyce Mood, co-owner of Mood’s Farm Market.

Thankfully, Mood’s Farm Market has not seen excessive amounts of water throughout their fields, despite this summer having about 52 percent more rain than usual.

“We were fortunate that there were two different times when we got about three inches, and other people got six or seven,” said Mood.

Having those multiple heavy rainfalls spread out over time has helped soak the ground  just enough to help their crops before causing any damage, according to Mood.

At their market, customers come by to pick their own produce all year long, depending on what crops have had a successful season.

“But we have fruit, tree fruit, so it’s not like we have vegetables that are lying in the rain, the water, that they would die,” said Mood. “Also, the vegetables, they can sometimes replant if there’s a lot.”

According to our Nor’easter Nick, the Mullica Hill area has seen about 13 inches of rain since the summer began.

But the folks here at Mood’s Farm say the extra water has helped, not harmed, their produce.

“The only thing that we really worry about is hail, and that just wipes out the crop, all of the fruit for the year,” said Mood.

Last winter, a hail storm wiped out some plants.

“We had a freeze in the spring, so our early plums were frozen,” said Mood. “We don’t have any of them.”

So although Mood’s Farm Market was without plums this year, they still have plenty of other, thriving, well-watered crops to sell.

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