Sweet Art Deal at Cherry Hill's Sugarplum Studio

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Sugarplum Studio in Cherry Hill has a delicious alternative to your ordinary art class.

“It’s an edible art studio where kids can come from workshops and classes to learn how to decorate a specific edible project,” said Sharon Spatucci, owner of Sugarplum Studio.

Whether it’s cookies, cakes or cupcakes the studio provides all the tools and supplies to create a sweet piece of art.

“There [are] all kinds of workshops during the day," said Spatucci. "Evenings are usually reserved for adult classes, and then we run parties on the weekends and we also have [an] open studio.”

It’s an edible art studio where kids can come from workshops and classes to learn how to decorate a specific edible project.

Every Friday in July and August the studio will be holding a Cupcake Happy Hour, where you get two cupcakes for $5 and all the supplies to decorate it on your own are provided.

On a recent visit, kids put on their aprons and got to work during the 45-minute cupcake decorating class.

“We made minion cupcakes,” said Molly Wiggins, a five year old taking the workshop.

“The best part for me in the lessons is the piping bags because you get to do your own designs,” said Riley Bienkowski, a 12 year old who attends workshops regularly.

“You had the black thing that you could squeeze out," said Chase Salerno, a nine year old taking the workshop. "I liked that because I made the hair on there and I made it stick up."

“I think working with the fondant [was the best part] because I haven’t done it too many times before so I’m kind of new to it and it’s really fun,” said 10-year-old Lydia Loughry.

“I liked it because I never got the chance to do this and I haven’t baked before in my life and it was a really cool experience,” said Jaden Blachowski, 10, while attending Wednesday’s workshop.

But everyone can agree getting a taste of the masterpiece at the end is the cherry on top of this art.

“I tasted it a little bit; it’s really good,” said Bienkowski.

These classes allow customers to satisfy their taste buds after using some creative juices.

“They use our tools," said Spatucci. "They use our materials and they get to take their art home and leave the mess here. What’s better than that?”

Sugarplum Studio is ready to help you make your sweet treat a work of art — edible art that is. 

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