N.J. State Dept. Gets Citizen Input on New Water Supply Plan

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held its final of four public meetings on Thursday, July 13th, to discuss a new statewide water-supply plan.

Officials from the DEP held the meeting at Stockton University in Pomona to present their newly drafted plan, which includes applied revisions following the three prior public meetings. 

Members of the community, as well as environmental rights groups, were invited to voice their opinions about the new water-supply plan.

"The major comment has been, 'it's not gone far enough'," said Jeffrey L. Hoffman, state geologist of the N.J. DEP. "Most citizens, [and] most of the public groups wanted to see more extensive options into the future, others for a longer time frame of planning. Those are all good criticisms and we'll take them in mind when we revise it and hopefully come up with a final plan in early winter."

The current plan was last revised and adopted in 1996.

For more information and to see the new revisions to the plan visit the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's website through nj.gov.

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