Ocean City Police and Fire Departments Compete - For Most Blood

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Police and fire personnel rolled up their sleeves in Ocean City to help save their community in a different way than usual. 

Thanks to a friendly competition pitting Ocean City police officers against firefighters, more than 100 local patients will be helped.

“We really work hand in hand with all of our different events, and you know, it’s a small community so everyone knows each other,” said TJ Mullineaux, president of Ocean City Local PBA #61. “It’s a good vibe.”

During the summer season, the American Red Cross tends to fall into a critical need for blood, with this year being no different.

As part of the first-ever Ocean City Battle of the Badges, on Tuesday, July 11th, the police and fire departments in the seaside town competed to see who could recruit the most eligible donors.

“You can either donate in the name of the Police Department or the Fire Department, and the goal is just to raise as much as we can,” said Mullineaux.

“It’s a good thing to show the community how they can come to us for help and anything that they need, and we’re happy to give back to the community and giving blood for donations in case anyone needs it,” said Sean Kruger, a firefighter with the Ocean City Fire Department.

A staff member with the American Red Cross said that they saw more donors come out than expected.

Although it was a very close and friendly competition, the Ocean City Fire Department came out on top, winning by just four donors.

“That’s the whole reason why we’re doing this," said Kruger. "So we can boost their numbers even more and get even more people, and it’s great that the competition aspect of it gives us even a little bit more purpose to come and try to donate, and get more numbers.” 

So in the end, everyone was a winner at the Battle of the Badges.

“[It's] just nice to see us all come together,” said Mullineaux.

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