Is It Getting Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me?

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If any of you are a fan of summer weather then you are in for a treat! If you aren’t then I apologize in advance for what you are about to read. Today, as you probably noticed when you walked outside, we woke up to stickiness and uncomfortable weather outside. We are seeing temperatures get up into the 90s today, as well as the dew point to boost up up into the 70s as well. So be sure to tame your hair since the frizziness will be real this week with this high humidity and dew point temps that will be sticking (literally) with us.

Now here is some bad news for both you summer lovers and haters… there is a chance for some showers today and these chances for showers will continue increasing as we continue on through this week. On the bright side, we will continue having these summer temps stay with us and will see sun poking on through on and off again once that unsettled weather scoots on away from us. Don’t worry too much about storms and showers this week since the chances are pretty low, but as we get later into the week on Friday and Saturday that is when we will see a greater chance for storms. After this weekend though we will soon see more settled weather coming back our way as well as some less uncomfortable weather for us as well, so we all will be happy once again. So turn up that AC now and get ready to soak up this summer weather because you know I definitely will.

-Grace Devine, Meteorologist in Training