50,000 Servings of Food Going to Families in Need

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A simple meal of pasta and sauce will soon be making its way to thousands of tables across South Jersey.

“This is going to spread all over the place, 50,000 servings in total, so a lot of households are going to be able to benefit from it,” said Richard Uniacke, the vice president of the Southern Branch of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Thanks to large donations to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey made by Hoboken Farms, Banza, families, partners, and other programs, people will now have some healthy servings of sauce and chick pea pasta.

With these low-sodium, high-protein, and gluten-free products, the Food Bank is able to help serve those with specific health needs.

“These two items together represent something that the households we serve don’t necessarily have access to,” said Uniacke.

When eating healthy sometimes seems hard, having products like these gives families those extra nutrients they might not be getting, from a quick and easy meal.

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“It’s easy to prepare,” said Stephan Johnson, executive chef at Dock’s Oyster House. “I just love what this food bank is doing to the community because I grew up in the ‘projects,’ you know what I’m saying, sometimes it was very little to eat, and this just blows me away.”

With more than 7,000 pounds of sauce and 6,000 pounds of pasta, those in need can now get their hands on a more nutritious meal.

People who visited the Southern Branch of the Community Food Bank on Monday, July 10th, were some of the first ones to pick up the products, and get a taste.

“We are making the biggest push we possibly can to make sure that everyone has not just enough food, but enough of the right kinds of food so they can thrive,” said Uniacke.

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