'Cirque Italia' Plunges into Mays Landing for Weekend of Water Fun

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MAYS LANDING -- A blue and white big top tent has popped up at the Hamilton Mall, and going inside is sure to be a unique adventure.

"Cirque Italia is something unique," said Manuel Rebecchi, owner of Cirque Italia. "It's Broadway and Las Vegas under a big top."

A big top that doesn't showcase any four-legged performers like your traditional circus.

"When I opened the company, it was the first thing that I wanted to do, keep the elephant and tiger in the jungle where they belong, and make something unique and special," said Rebecchi.

How did he do that? By pouring in some water -- 35 gallons of it to be exact. That's what makes up the curtain that surrounds the performers who take center stage under the big top, making this traveling water circus the first of its kind.

"It is unique because any culture, any age, any children, will have a great time," said Rebecchi.

This traveling water circus is the first of its kind.

SNJ Today got a sneak peek at the show on Thursday, July 6th, when one of the entertainers, Axel, took the plunge and performed his roller bowler routine. Every night he wows the audiences as he balances on numerous objects while barely breaking a sweat.

"He's on top of a platform that's eight-feet high, and then he's doing eight rolls on top of that with all the water around him," said Rebecchi. "It's very difficult to keep the balance."

And the eye-catching performances don't stop there.

"You will see the laser man, you will see the dinosaurs, you will see a mermaid," said Rebecchi. "It's something that you never see under a tent, and it's so unique because we have artists from all over the world. That is what America is all about, all this culture."

Cirque Italia has been traveling the county since February and will continue into the fall. To get tickets to one of the eight shows in Mays Landing this weekend, check out CirqueItalia.com 

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