10 Beach Hacks to Simplify Your Summer

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Heading to the beach this summer? These beach life hacks will make your day trip stress free and simple.


1.    Preventing Theft - Put your valuables into a rolled up diaper and never worry about theft again. Nobody wants to steal a dirty diaper. This also works with a pad wrapper or an empty sunscreen container.

2.    DIY Money Storage - If you’re uncomfortable leaving your money and keys unattended, you can put them in a pill bottle and hot glue string onto the cap to make a necklace. 

3.    Don't Drink the Sand - Use a plastic toothbrush case to carry drinking straws with you. 

Phone on a boat

4.    Keep Your Phone Dry - Put your phone in a zip lock plastic bag to protect it from any water damage. Any waterproof or water-resistant case would have the same effect, just don't get careless.

Toy Car, Beach

5.    Toy Storage - Store beach toys in a mesh bag so the sand gets sifted out and doesn’t get all over your car and home. 

Sledding, Summer,

6.    Summer Sledding? - Use a sled to move all of your beach supplies around easily.  

7.    Protect Your Drinks - Poke a hole for the straw and use cupcake liners to cover your drinks, preventing bugs and sand from messing with your beverage of choice. 


8.    Know How to Use Sunscreen - Apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun and reapply it every two hours to be protected from the damaging rays.

Aloe Gel, Sunburn, summer

9.    If You Do Get Sunburn -  Make aloe gel ice cubes to soothe your aching skin. With a little bit of water mixed in with the aloe gel it'll freeze and make for a simple, yet effective pain reliever. 


10.   If the Sand is Getting Everywhere -  Remove sand from your skin with baby powder. Baby powder removes the moisture from sand and makes it come off easily.


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