Piece by Piece, Glassboro Creates Community Mosaic

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Piece by piece the Glassboro community is creating a work of art by working together.

Over a dozen volunteers slathered on the sunscreen and spent Monday, June 19th, working in the sun as they kicked off installation week for a unique mosaic art project.

“What we decided to do with this blank space was to create a mosaic mural," said Carrie Burke, program director at Family Success Centers at Robin’s Nest. "So, what started off with 'let’s just do one little area' came to this,”

Robin’s Nest, along with Rowan University, the Borough of Glassboro, and Creative Glassboro are working together to create this mosaic at the newly renamed Mosaic Family Success Center on East High Street.

“We provide free workshops, family activities, community events like this just to strengthen the community as a whole,” says Burke.

“This project is coming to fruition at this time and this place, just when we’re seeing all kinds of economic development and growth in the town,” says Melanie Stewart, co-chair of Creative Glassboro and associate dean of performing arts at Rowan University.

But not without the help of local businesses and community members.

“We’ve gotten pieces of tile and ceramic from community members, households that just had tile that they wanted to contribute,” says Burke.

Rowan University held a workshop to help the community personalize the project.

The community members made their own titles, which will be seeded into the mural and installed during this week.

“The community members made their own titles, which will be seeded into the mural and installed during this week,” says Stewart.

“We’re going to be putting up some of the phrases that we have and just sort of outlining what the project will look like, and then over the course of the week we’ll be putting different pieces in,” says Burke.

All of the work is assisted by world-renowned artist Isaiah Zagar.

“Fantastic," says Zagar. "This thing at the end is going to look fantastic. It’s going to look amazing.”

“What’s so exciting is they’ll be able to come by for years and say 'I made that, I am a part of that mural and I am a part of history in Glassboro,'” says Stewart.

The Glassboro Mosaic Art Project is expected to be completed by next week. 


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