Symposium Held at Rowan University to Show off Resiliency Projects

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GLASSBORO, N.J.—Rowan University Engineering hosted a resiliency symposium on Friday, June 16th, to discuss the different storm and flood-related resiliency projects going on throughout the state, and how they will make a difference during future storms.

"People have to understand that one of the things that we are going to face in the future is we're going to have more flood events and more flood days and we need to cope with it," says Dr. Rouzbeh Nazari, Assistant professor at Rowan University. "We need to come up with a plan that could actually reduce and minimize the amount of damages that are going to be caused by this and there are a range of different solutions and they really have to be customized for different areas."

NJ Flood Alert was part of the conversation. The alert was created thanks to a collaboration with local officials, Rowan, and the Department of Community Affairs, throughout the state to create flood models for high-impacted areas.

The model is said to be potentially life-saving for residents and properties in areas that are prone to high water volumes.

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