15-year-old with Autism Collects Thousands of Crayons and Coloring Books for Donation

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MILLVILLE, N.J.—“Well, everyone loves to color,” says Carter Crockett, 15, of Millville.  “And I thought, maybe I could bring color back into their lives by donating crayons and coloring books.”

The 9th grader at Millville Memorial High School learned about St. Jude’s during a family outing to Chili’s, where the restaurant was raising money for the hospital.

“Carter said, ‘What’s St. Jude’s? What are they doing here?’” explained Patti Crockett, Carter’s mother.  “And I said oh, it’s a hospital for children with cancer that parents don’t have to pay anything. So I just explained what St. Jude’s was all about, and it kind of just went away. Didn’t really think much more of it.”

A few months later, Carter told his mother that he decided he wanted to do something for the patients.

“I’m putting my autism on the side so I can help them,” says Carter.

“He has the biggest heart and thinks about other people more than he even thinks about himself sometimes,” says Patti.

Thanks to word of mouth, friends of the Crockett family started to donate materials.

One year, and about ten thousand crayons and one thousand coloring books later, and the family is planning a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee, for Carter to hand deliver his collections to St. Jude’s original location.

“The fact that he thought of somebody else and thought of the children at St. Jude’s is a testament of who he is as a person and how caring he is,” says Peter Arsenault, a school psychologist at Millville Memorial High School.

“He’s always been a very caring child, and always looking out for his peers,” says Courtney Fry, a special education teacher at Millville Memorial High School.

With an active Go Fund Me page and collections still going on for gift cards, Carter says he feels thankful for his supportive community.

“I think everybody is super helpful,” says Carter.

“It’s awesome to watch a community,...state wide and nationwide, to come together for my kid and St. Jude’s,” says Patti.

Spreading more than just color to the lives of hundreds of kids.

Visit the GoFundMe page to donate.

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