"Slow Down to Get Around" Campaign Raises Safety Awareness for Utility Workers

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Officials in Atlantic County kicked off summer safety with a campaign they hope will make a difference all across South Jersey.

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), in honor of National Garbage Man Appreciation Day, kicked off their Slow Down to Get Around campaign to help raise awareness of utility, waste, and service vehicles that share the roads with motorists.

The hope of the campaign is to remind drivers to use caution when driving by utility and emergency crews on the road and to make sure that everyone gets home safely.

"This is a dangerous job, an important job, and a tough job and we really want the public and the drivers on the road to really be aware that they should slow down and go around slowly when they see a trash or recycling truck," says Rick Dovey, president of the ACUA.

The event featured vehicles from around the county all showing off their bright yellow Slow Down to Get Around decals provided by the ACUA.

The company has been embracing the national campaign for more than 13 years.

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