Camden County Welcomes 23 New U.S. Citizens

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On Wednesday, June 14th, 23 applicants were beaming with joy inside the Camden County Hall of Justice as they took the oath and became citizens of the United States of America.

“Congratulations, you are citizens of the United States,” said Assignment Judge Deborah Silverman Katz as the crowd of family and friends applauded.

Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo served as the keynote speaker for Wednesday's event and it was fitting since she herself is a naturalized citizen.

“I think it’s just amazing," said Angulo. "It’s an amazing accomplishment for them. It’s a mix of emotions. It’s such a proud moment for me, that these people chose to leave their country, what they were familiar with and come to the United States for opportunity.”

The 23 new citizens come from more than a dozen different countries. Licelot Parreno Bido is a mother of two. She came from the Dominican Republic in 2010 and getting to this point has been a long journey.

“I work hard for this, for coming, for naturalization, for understanding more and learning the history of this country,” said Bido.

“It’s a huge process," said Angulo. "There [are] tests that they have to take. They have to be in this country for a certain amount of time before they can even apply for citizenship and then with that it’s a journey within itself."

After taking the oath, the new citizens were called up one-by-one to receive their certifications and pose for a photo that captured the day they will never forget.

“It’s really the American dream," said Angulo. "In fact, a woman who just got her certificate came up to me and held my hand and said, ‘This has been my dream, this has been my American dream,.”

A dream that these 23 U.S. citizens have made a reality. 

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