FoodBank of Southern NJ Singing New Tune

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Bruce Gitto was inspired by his cousin who passed a homeless man on her way to work every morning.

“Long story short, she was at the hospital one day and the homeless guy was brought into the hospital,” said Gitto, a guidance counselor with Alder Avenue Middle School. “And she didn’t know his name, but when she looked at the report on him, she realized it was her long lost brother.”

“I guess the moral of the story is that we all can be hungry, and we never know who we’re giving to,” continued Gitto.

After hearing her story, the guidance counselor with a hobby in music came up with the “End Hunger Anthem."

“‘End Hunger’ is basically a song that supports donations for food,” said Steven Li, a 6th grader at Alder Avenue Middle School.

Listen to the song below.

“It means that people around the world are starving to death, and we need people to help them out,” said Ronald Harley, a 7th grader at the middle school.

“Cape May, Cumberland, [and] Atlantic counties have the highest rate of food insecurity for children,” said Renate Taylor, development officer at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey’s Southern Branch. “Nationally, it’s about one in five, but for our neighbors, our children, our friend’s children, it’s one in four.”

It means that people around the world are starving to death, and we need people to help them out.

Students at the school participate in character education throughout the year, with this song acting as the perfect lesson to learn about hunger.

“I learned that more generosity comes with good will to other people, and that’s who I am," said James Coombs, a 7th grader at Alder Avenue Middle School. "I would love to help people as much as I can.”

The middle school students gave shoppers at the Hamilton Mall a quick concert, including the “End Hunger Anthem,” with hopes that the tune will catch on and bring awareness to all of the work that the Community FoodBank of New Jersey is doing.

“We want it to spread like wildfire," said Gitto. "We want everyone to participate in the idea of charity work and service learning, and the song is a great medium. There’s no other song like it.”

And with every lyric that gets sung or shared, they hope more people join the Food Bank’s mission.          

“There are many people in Cape May, Atlantic, and Cumberland counties that need your help,” said Taylor. “Please come, volunteer. Every dollar that you donate is $8 for us in purchasing meals for families and individuals. We need you, we need you in our army.”

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