Give a Furry Friend a 'Fur-Ever' Home

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June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and the Gloucester County Animal Shelter (GCAS) is doing its part to find "fur-ever" homes for lovable cats there.

According to the shelter's director, William A. Lombardi, the facility can have roughly 50 to 60 stray cats come through its doors weekly. He also says that the summer months can be the hardest. The shelter is currently at maximum capacity.

"We can get five to 10 in daily," said Lombardi. "There [are] that many cats that are surrendered. We had one person surrender four cats over the weekend." 

For the remainder of the month, GCAS is waiving their adoption fees for cats six years old and up. For cats under six, the fee is reduced from $95 to $35. 

"Everybody comes in and sees those cute little kittens, and everybody forgets about the adult animals," said Lombardi. "Adult cats are the hardest to move here so I figured if we wave the fee at six and above, we'll be able to save one of their lives as well."

Adult cats are the hardest to move here so I figured if we wave the fee at six and above, we'll be able to save one of their lives as well.

The shelter partners with several PetSmart stores located in Mantua and Turnersville, each having similar adoption processes. Between these locations, they have more than 60 cats ready to be adopted. However, before the cats can go to their permanent homes, they are spayed or neutered, and have been subjected to numerous tests and vaccinations. They have also been microchipped. These cats come with a carrier, tags and even a collar.

"How could you beat that?" said Lombardi. "[If] you go and buy a pure-bred cat, or a cat out of a pet store, it [could] cost you [up] to $400.

"Then you have to vet it, spay and neuter it. It can run you over thousands of dollars to get all that stuff done. If you're looking to save a life, this is the place to be." 

Lombardi expressed that it's not only important to adopt, but also that, "Coming to a shelter and saving a life feels good, and it helps us move another animal into that spot. The more animals we move out of here, the more we can make room for the ones that are still coming in."

For adoption questions, you can go to the county's website or call 856-881-2828.

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