Sneak Peek of Glass Weekend '17 at Wheaton Arts

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Every other year, WheatonArts opens their campus to visiting artists, traveling galleries, and special exhibitions to celebrate their biannual “Glass Weekend.”

With great weather this weekend, they are expecting a large turnout.

Since 1985, WheatonArts hosts their Glass Weekend every other year, attracting visitors from all over the world.

“Wheaton is sort of like coming to camp, and this is glass camp for glass collectors,” says Mark Greenberger, a glass collector from Cincinnati, Ohio. “And we come up here and see what’s happening and what the new, young breed of glass blowers are doing, and it sort of recharges your battery.”

“It’s really a national community of artists, galleries, patrons, collectors, and anybody that loves glass,” says Susan Gogan, executive director of Wheaton Arts.

As hundreds of visitors take over the campus, they get a chance to see new exhibitions, special galleries, and meet the artists, young and old.

“It’s a place where young artists can come and learn the craft and really study under the masters that come here also,” says Stuart Heller, visiting from Denver, Colorado.

It’s really a national community of artists, galleries, patrons, collectors, and anybody that loves glass.

One of the visiting artists from Italy says he’s excited to be back in Millville once again.

“The studio has many, many incredible equipment’s,” says Lucio Bubaco from Italy.

For visitors that are planning a weekend or just spending a day, tickets sales will go towards the Creative Glass Center of America, where more and more artists emerge from. 


“All the proceeds from Glass Weekend support that program, and it’s an artist residency program that has hosted over 350 artists from all over the world,” says Gogan.

While exploring everything glass here at the WheatonArts campus, thanks to their new nature trail visitors can learn everything about what’s going on around them here in South Jersey.

“There are tree markers identifying all of the trees as well, but then once you hit the trail itself, it goes all the way back by the lake and comes back,” says Gogan.

So, whether you’re looking to spend your weekend outdoors or an up-close look on how glass art is made, Glass Weekend has something for everybody.

“The studio demonstrations will be wonderful, but there’s some really wonderful artists here and it’ll be rocking,” says Gogan.

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