Update for Cape May Venue's Historic Front Porch

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The Mad Batter Restaurant and Carroll Villa Hotel officially unveiled a reboot of the historic property on Wednesday, May 24th.

“We’re celebrating our 41st anniversary and the rebirth of the front porch that probably had its biggest remake since 1882,” says Mark Kulkowitz, owner of the restaurant and hotel.

The Mad Batter serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and although historic, the front porch was in need of some TLC.

“In conjunction with architects, we did the whole thing, put it new mooring, new pilings," says Kulkowitz. "We redesigned it, put it in booths, colors, we got rid of the canvas roof. A complete remake."

Construction started back in January and finished up just in time for the unofficial start to the season, Memorial Day weekend.

The new set up makes it possible for people to eat out on the porch during all four seasons

“They can eat out in the porch in the wintertime," says Kulkowitz. "In the summer, for the first time, we have air conditioning. We’ve never had booths. It looks completely different than it did last year."

The people in attendance enjoyed the new look.

“They are special people and they treat this place as a historic treasure, but the food is also great,” says Rita Marie Fulginiti, the Cape May County clerk and a local historian.

And despite updates throughout the years, this property continues to hold a piece of history here in Cape May.

“Absolutely, I can see Victoriana all over it,” says Fulginiti.

“It’s very important to keep history alive. Cape May is such a beautiful city and I kind of feel like I’m with the guardians of a different time and people can enjoy this,” says Kulkowitz.

Now that the work is complete, the fun begins. The Kulkowitz are excited to show everyone the new look at the historic spot this summer.

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