South Jersey Ladies Quilting For a Good Cause

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A group of local ladies gets together once a week to help kids in need the only way they know how — quilting.

About a dozen ladies gather every Tuesday morning at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Salem. But instead of putting their hands together to pray, they’re using their hands to quilt for a good cause.

“We are quilting for the Ronald McDonald House to give quilts to the children that are in the hospital,” says Gail Boyd, a quilter in the group.

Eight ladies started the group back in 1994.

“We heard about the need and we decided to try our hand at it,” says Boyd.

That first year they were able to deliver eight quilts. But now thanks to an assembly line and some more hands, they deliver about 50 quilts annually.

Once a year, the ladies pack up the quilts in Salem and head up to Camden to hand out the finished product.

“If you’ve ever saw the children when they pick out their quilts, it’s all worth it, all the effort we do," says Boyd. "They are so excited and it gives them a moment of joy when they’re going through so much."

If you’ve ever saw the children when they pick out their quilts, it’s all worth it.

“It’s very fulfilling to watch these kids pick out these quilts and the joy on their faces is just wonderful. And it makes us happy too,” says Joyce Hildebrand, a quilter from the group.

As they’re quickly approaching 800 quilts produced in total, the group has added another piece to its creative puzzle for the kids.

“They take the batting that’s unused off and give it to one of our members and she takes it homes and crochets the animals and stuffs it with the batting,” says Boyd.

“Instead of just watching TV, I get to sit there and crotchet and feel like I’m actually accomplishing something and the kids seem to get a big kick out of it,” says Peggy Frittabile.

So far the group of retired women have made nearly 800 quilts and more than 150 crotched animals for the kids staying at their home away from home up at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey in Camden.

And they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

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