Cape May Tech Horticultural Students Put to Test

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Students at Cape May Technical High School are getting a unique learning opportunity outside of the classroom.

Students in Cape May Tech’s Horticultural program are getting a hands-on experience on what it’s like to run a greenhouse.

“Besides simply growing the plants and fertilizing it and going on that schedule, which is a lot of work, they’re doing customer service and managing the store front,” says Joshua Andrewson, a horticultural instructor for the high school.

“We do a lot of book work, but most of it is working in the greenhouse and the work room, and we’re always planning, doing something,” says Michaela Pfeiffer, a senior at Cape May Technical High School. “It’s really fun.”

And on top of learning about the different flowers, vegetables, and herbs they’re planting and growing, the students are also adding customer service work to their resumes.

This is the last week of the program’s annual spring plant sale, where the public is allowed to reap the benefits of the students' hard work.

“Before, I couldn’t do it at all,” says Erin Murray, a senior at Cape May Technical High School. “But now, doing it for a couple of years, I like talking to people, helping them find the plants that they want, getting them together, getting their orders together, have them go home and plant their beautiful flowers, tell them how to take care of them.”

Which means they need to know everything they can about what they’re selling as they get quizzed by real customers.

“You know, they need to know about plants to be able to sell the plants,” says Andrewson.

Whether you’re looking for something new and colorful, or an addition to your garden, the students are asking every single customer for a small donation on top of their purchase, to go towards the school’s donation for a great cause.

“What we make from the sale, we’re going to match what we raise from all of our customers and everybody that comes in and supports us, as well as Relay for Life,” says Addison Wetzel, a senior at Cape May Technical High School.

So if you’re looking for something to spruce up your garden, put these students to the test.

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