Camden Coach in Running for 'Jr. NBA Coach of the Year'

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A local basketball coach has made it to the semi-finals of being named “Coach of the Year” by the Junior NBA.

“I feel like, you know, I’m making an impact with our young men,” says Matt George, boys’ basketball coach for Kipp Lanning Middle School. “Especially in this City of Camden. And just for them to always keep me in mind, and always know that I’m here for them, they’re here for me.”

Boys’ basketball coach Matt George recently received a phone call from the Philadelphia 76ers to let him know that they have chosen him fas their nominee for the “Junior NBA Coach of the Year.”

He was nominated by a few of his former players, after proving he’s a positive influence for his students on and off the court.

“He encourages me to have good grades and to stay focused, and, like, not worry about what my friends think,” says Zy’Aire Tart, a 7th grader on the team.  “And the team is like a family.”

I think something like this can really bring our city and our community together.

“For them to just nominate me … it means a lot to me,” says George.

After back-to-back championships as coach for the Camden middle school, George hopes he wins this new title — for his team and city.

“I think there [are] a lot of positive things happening in the City of Camden,” says George. “I think sometimes they go unnoticed. I think something like this can really bring our city and our community together.”

“We have 12 ... bright, young men, who are really just making a difference in our school and our community, and they get to have their stories told,” he continues.

Now that George has made it to the semi-finals of the competition, he needs the public's help to get to the finals.

On Twitter only, users can tweet his specific Coach of the Year hashtag #JRNBACOYPHI.

Each tweet and retweet counts as one vote, with no limit of votes per day.

“You should vote for him because he’s a good man all around, and he deserves it for going to the championship for two years in a row,” says Semaj Bethea, a 6th grader on the team.

“When you coach, you don’t just sign up for teaching the game of basketball,” says Matt George. “But you also sign up for just making sure that you’re making an impact with them, and being there for them, every time, no matter what.”

The public only has until Monday, May 22nd, to get those votes in. All you need to do is log onto Twitter and tweet #JrNBACOYPhi to vote for Coach George and the City of Camden to get the high score.

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