High Hopes for New Stockton Campus in Atlantic City

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On Wednesday, May 17th, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian got a special tour given by Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman, to see how the school's new Island Campus is coming along.

“We are not the solution, we are part of the solution, and every great city needs anchors,” says Harvey Kesselman, president of Stockton University.  “And a great anchor in almost every great city is a university.”

Cranes and construction crews have taken over the former site of the old Atlantic City High School, making room for Stockton University’s newest campus.

Kesselman and Guardian toured the site today, as they envisioned the future of both the college and the city.

“We will be the only university on the planet that has our main campus in the Pinelands National Reserve,” says Kesselman. “[And] a bay-front property at the Seaview Resort, and now oceanfront property here [in Atlantic City].”

Crews have been busy the last three weeks making progress on the university’s new location.

When the college first opened, Stockton’s first class studied in Atlantic City’s Mayflower Hotel until the Galloway campus was finished.

Now, the Mayor is excited to bring back the Ospreys.

We will be the only university on the planet like this.

“They’ve been roaming in the Pine Barrens for 41 years, lost, but today they return back to our home, so it’s time for me to welcome them home,” says Guardian. “Welcome [back[ Stockton, back to Atlantic City where you belong.”

The mayor joined the Stockton president to see the first phases of visible construction, as the project inches closer to the residence halls, fitness center, courtyards, and more.

“Imagine having a thousand, 1,500 new students, 533 of them residing on campus here, and our students from Galloway coming back and forth," says Kesselman. We’re just thrilled to be part of this.”

Aside from the beach and Boardwalk being only feet away from campus, Guardian says he’s excited about unique job and internship opportunities for the students, as they help bring back Atlantic City.

“[When] the neighborhood improves, assessed values go up, people pay more taxes so the people living here pay less taxes,” says Guardian. “You have more businesses coming in, creating jobs, helping us with the tax base, so I think it’s all good for us here.”


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