Camden County Sheriff's Dept. Members Recognized for Efforts

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A few officers from the Camden County Sheriff's Department were honored on Tuesday, May 16th, for their exceptional work on the job.

Sheriff Gilbert Wilson presented nine members of his staff with Exceptional Duty Awards, which are given out each quarter.

This month's employee of the month was given their award at the ceremony as well.

The officers were honored for consistently going above and beyond the call of duty to better their community and their team.

"We're a team here," says Gilbert Wilson, a sheriff in Camden County. "This is everybody's department and we're all apart of this, and I just happen to be the talking head for now. But everybody — from myself all the way down even to the janitor who keeps it clean around here — I appreciate everything everyone does. It makes us the best organization possible."

Two of the recognized officers were part of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team who executed a search warrant for a $22,000 drug bust while safely disarming a suspect with a handgun.says Gilbert Wilson, a sheriff in Camden County.

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