See What Goes on Behind the Scenes at Morey's Piers

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As Morey’s Piers prepares for the summer crowds on the Boardwalk, the folks there are also preparing to take many “beyond the boards” with a new behind-the-scenes tour.

“We decided, for the first time, to do a behind-the-scenes tour," said Jack Morey, co-owner of Morey’s Piers. "To really not hold anything back and show people everything that goes on behind-the-scenes."

Each tour will be led by a member of the Morey family, with third generation family member Will B. Morey leading most of the tours. People can expect to learn statistics and facts during the 90-minute walking tour and hear from different employees along the way.

“I think the other interesting thing is folks don’t realize there are careers involved,” said Jack. "There [are] professional electricians, painters, carpenters, hydraulics people, engineers — there’s a whole slew of people."

“So, they’ll get to see our coaster shop, which is where we do all our wintertime inspections on all of the coasters,” said Will B. Morey, operations manager for waterparks at Morey’s Piers. 

They’ll stop at the paint shop where more than 2,000 gallons of paint is used to prep the rides annually.

“The carpenter shop — we’ll talk about the Great White inspection and all that entails," said Will.

It’s these workers that take a three to five-hour walk on the track of the wooden roller coaster daily to make sure everything is safe for operation. Next, you head over to the parts room, where more than 100,000 pieces are ready to be scanned and used on the rides by the sea.

“We will go into a pump room so you’ll see different parts on how the waterpark operates, in terms of filtration and motors that are back there,” said Will. 

Then they go under the Boardwalk to see the brains of the rides before heading back up to get a glimpse at how a ride operates. The tour will finish off with some treats.

“You get a bag of swag that includes [food and beverage] credits and a couple other things to take home with you,” said Will.

The Behind-the-Scenes VIP tours kick off May 31st, and will run weekly throughout the summer months. 

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