South Jersey Nurse's 'Labor' Wins National Contest

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A local nurse who helped a family during the delivery of their baby girl is gaining national recognition during National Nurses Week.

Baby Emma Orme came into this world this past Thanksgiving at Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township.

“We had a very long labor, it was 17 hours,” said Virginia Orme, Emma’s mom.

And through most of her labor, she had nurse Laurie Milliken by her side.

“When we got to the end and it was the end of her shift I did not want another nurse to have to bring Emma into this world and a stranger holding my hand when she had just spent 12 plus hours with me,” said Orme.

“I decided I need to stay with her," said Milliken, a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery at Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township. "She was just about ready to push at the end of my shift and I couldn’t leave her. I just had to stay with her through her delivery to meet little Emma.” 

The two became close during the lengthy labor and the nurse made a big difference in the whole process for the family.

I just had to stay with her through her delivery to meet little Emma.

“There was a contest [put on by] Pampers, it was to nominate your nurse for a 'thank you' award," said Orme. "So, I nominated Laurie, and out of 3,000 people she won for labor and delivery." 

“I was so humbled and so surprised," said Milliken. "I was not expecting it at all. I was brought to tears and just in awe that somebody would think so much of me."

“Laurie got recognized by Virginia, who took the time to write a letter in the commotion of raising a new little baby," said Alice Farrell, chief nursing officer at Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township. "But, she still took the time, which is amazing to me. And we have a lot to celebrate.” 

Among the many prizes Milliken received, she was also awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

“I want to thank Pampers," said Milliken. "This is just such a special honor for them to go ahead and recognize nurses and it’s just an honor to be selected by them,”

“I think it’s fabulous," said Farrell. "I think it gets the word on the street of what a great place we are and what a great service we’re offering to our community."

And when this family of three welcomes another bundle of joy into the world later this year they already have a nurse in mind.

“I hope she’s here in October when we have the next baby, so she can take care of that one too,” says Orme.

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