A Soggy Cinco On The Way?

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Hi there! Glad you could stop by and read today's blog. So... I think we can all agree that the weather has been FABULOUS, right? I mean who doesn't love sunny skies with warm temps? We've actually been WELL above normal. We are coming off the warmest April since 2012. Impressive. As I mentioned earlier in the week though, things are changing. The system coming through tomorrow will be the catalyst for that change too. We've got low pressure, I like to call Larry the Lousy Low, well... because we don't get nice weather with low pressure, see where I'm going here? Moving through the Ohio Valley today and tomorrow. 

Heavy rain will be seen to our west today but a blockade of sorts will be erected in Central PA because we don't have to worry about the wet weather until overnight tonight. Good! The actual storm itself will miss us, but the RAIN associated with that storm will not. The precip shield will extend well east. Combine that with a southeast flow and moisture coming in off the ocean to feed it? We get rain. Heavy at times. Maybe a thunderstorm or two. We desperately NEED the rain because of the horrible pollen levels! 

Timing: Overnight tonight into mid afternoon Friday.

Totals: I'm personally thinking between 0.75" on the low end and 1.25" on the high end. We have to allow for SOME wiggle room. I DO think there will be some heavy cells. Where they set up obviously will determine ultimately who see what's. I'm not buying the idea of 2"+. I think that is WAY overdone. 

Thunderstorms: While one or two is POSSIBLE, I don't really support the idea of a long line of severe storms as is being represented on SOME of the models. With cloudy skies all day and the southeast wind (stabilizes the air by the way), it will be hard to get that kind of thing to pan out. 

Winds: Yes, it WILL be a bit windy. Gusts will come in off the ocean at over 30mph at times. You MAY get some ponding at high tide but I wouldn't worry too much about flooding, even in the extreme low areas.

Low pressure lingers to our north over the weekend meaning we will be a tad unsettled. A passing shower or two possible on Saturday, Sunday looks dry. Clouds and sun will mix and temps will be cooler. Enjoy!