Grant Money To Help Camden Nonprofit Improve Neighborhoods

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M&T Bank is investing $1 million in nonprofits in New Jersey through the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program.

“We selected four organizations and projects within those organizations,” said Alle Ries, M&T’s regional CRA officer for New Jersey. "One being right here in Camden, St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society."

In its 30 years of existence, St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society has helped create over 1,000 homes in Camden. However, it’s not just about new houses for the nonprofit.

"What we’ve really done differently in this neighborhood is that we really want to see sort of the whole neighborhood change,” said Pilar Hogan, executive director of St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society. “We’re really excited to be able to partner with M&T once again. This year M&T is able to assist us with $200,000." 

The St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society plans on using that $200,000 for two of their projects, including one at Dudley Grange Park, where they plan on making improvements to the area.

 According to Ries, the project is also about completing streets, bringing in neighborhood services, and improving the quality of life for residents of Camden.

“This park is right in the center of East Camden and really provides nice rolling hills,” said Hogan. "There’s a great amphitheater that we’d like to put some money into and have people actually be able to come and use it."

They will also work with the New Jersey Tree Foundation to plant more trees in the park and build ten houses on a lot in East Camden. 

“M&T has really made a commitment to the city of Camden,” said Hogan. So, they’re not only working with us to build these houses and improve the parks. But they’ve also been able to support our homeowners and being able to come and teach them some financial capability classes and also offering mortgages to some of our first time home buyers, that really makes a difference."

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