Atlantic County Farm Now Offers Yoga with Goats

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EGG HARBOR CITY, N.J. – Women rolled out their mats and found their inner zen at Angels in the Pines Goat Farm on Thursday, April 27th, for a morning yoga class. However, unlike most yoga classes, this one had some special guests. 

“Goats, lots of them,” said Joanne Thomson, owner of Angels in the Pines Goat Farm, located in Egg Harbor City. "We have 30 goats at any given time; right now we have six babies. The goats are supposed to calm you down — and so is the yoga. So, this is really for relaxation and tranquility."

Kate Stiver has been a yoga instructor for a decade, but this goat yoga class is something she’s never done before.

“Fresh air on a farm, goat animals, roosters crowing and goats all around,” said Stiver. "It’s nice to be outside, breathing, moving, enjoying whatever happens during the class."

Anything could happen when the goats get involved in class.

The goats are supposed to calm you down — and so is the yoga.

“It was absolutely amazing," said Ginny Brown, a yoga enthusiast. "I just love the energy of the goats and being connected to Mother Earth.”

“It’s very relaxing,” said April Elias, a yoga instructor participating in the class. "It was so nice to be outside and it was very entertaining with these babies. Their little sideways hops are so cute."

The goats serve as a happy distraction for the women in attendance.

“They can climb on you, they can cuddle you, they can lay under your belly if you’re in a down dog [position]," said Stiver. "So, it’s kind of an interesting experience.”

Goat yoga at Angels in the Pines Goat Farm has only been around for a few weeks but it already seems to be catching on.

“People love it,” said Thomson. "I see goats every day when I look out my window and it makes me happy, and that same joy seems to be being passed on to other people, so I’m enjoying that." 

Yoga with the goats is offered at the farm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at $20 for a 40-minute class.

“I’d recommend it for anyone,” said Karen Bruno, a newcomer to the class. "After class, it just changes how you’re feeling physically and mentally and it’s just such a gift to have animals taking part in it."

Plans are in the works for the farm to offer other meditation as well as art classes in the future.

Updates on class schedules can be found on their Facebook page. 

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