Cookie Munchers Making Dough for Rowan Grads

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Two recent Rowan graduates are looking to make even more dough — cookie dough that is — as they look to expand their startup company Cookie Munchers.

The idea started back when Cassie Aran and Brandon Lucante were both seniors at Rowan University.

“We did the test run just to test the initial concept and how people would receive it,” says Lucante.

The concept was a late-night cookie delivery company, and people loved it. Although the company’s first night got off to a rocky start, with 30 orders they knew their idea was a good one.

So, they started baking in the kitchen at Ry’s Bagels after hours to keep up with the demand.

The demand just kept increasing and we’ve just constantly been trying to keep up with it.

“It just kept growing and growing," says Lucante. "The demand just kept increasing and we’ve just constantly been trying to keep up with it."

With orders increasing to more than 80 a night, the Cookie Munchers operators decided baking in the back of Ry’s Bagels just wasn’t going to cut it any longer.

“The word has gotten out like crazy and in just a seven-month time period we’re already looking at a storefront, which is pretty amazing,” says Aran.

And they found one at 111 E. High Street in Glassboro. The location is walking distance from Rowan’s campus.

But securing the spot and getting it up and running is where they need some help.

“The kitchen back here [is] pretty small so we need to knock down [a] wall and expand [the] kitchen and also put the oven in,” says Lucante. "The oven alone costs $10,000."

The co-owners have been putting everything they have into the business since graduating in May 2016.

“To make ends meet, we’re living in one of our friends' basements," says Aran. "[It's] one of the most unfinished basements you can imagine. We wanted to make our dream happen so it’s worth it. We put all our money in Cookie Munchers and we live very cheaply."

The pair decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. Since launching two weeks ago they’ve raised nearly $6,000. But with only 15 days to go, they need all the help they can get to reach their $10,000 goal.

“There’s going to be a family of people that are bringing this together," says Lucante. "We couldn’t do this ourselves, but we have a big support base of customers and family and friends."

If they reach their goal on Kickstarter, Lucante and Aran are ready to make big changes to the spot. The plan is to add a fire pit outside, get bean bags inside, free WiFi, extended hours and a few added menu items.

“[At] the storefront here, we’re going to have ice cream," says Aran, "[And] we can even deliver the ice cream [and] we’re going to be able to deliver milkshakes, which is a huge deal because who delivers milkshakes around here now?”

“Basically, from the second we wake up to when we go to bed it’s just going through the to-do list and every day there’s more things added to it,” says Lucante.

“But we love it; it’s building our dream,” says Aran. 

To help them bake their way to their dream visit for more information on the company and see the related Kickstarter campaign.

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