'Ford' Mag Recognizes the PCS Tech Tank as 'Best Office Ever'

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A South Jersey tech company has taken its services on the road and doesn’t miss a second of working when they do it.

The IT management service provider, PCS, has recently been attracting national attention for its mobile office — the Tech Tank.

“Basically, we go into businesses, non-profits, government entities and provide them with technology solutions,” said Anthony Mongeluzo, CEO of PCS, which has offices in N.J., Pa., Del., and Md. "So, instead of them having to hire people, they can bring us in."

The company, which has a location in Vineland, Cumberland County, N.J., prides itself in being “built to scale” for a business's needs. So much so that they take their work out of their four offices on the East Coast and onto four wheels.

“I’m converting drive time into useful time,” said Mongeluzo. 

The way I look at the Tech Tank, I’m getting three extra full days in the office that most people wouldn’t have. Plus, I’m being safe.

That’s where the Tech Tank comes in. 

“So, the Tech Tank is a fully functional mobile office,” said Mongeluzo. "Computers, multiple monitors, TV through the internet with DIRECTV. It has refrigeration so you can pack a lunch. It has a printer. It has a scanner, document management system and we encrypt everything when we’re sending documents through here, so everything is safe and secure."

As Mongeluzo works in the back, he has a driver up front worrying about getting him to and from where he needs to go.

“We budgeted that I’m on the road about 25 hours a week,” said Mongeluzo. "So, the way I look at the Tech Tank, I’m getting three extra full days in the office that most people wouldn’t have. Plus, I’m being safe,” said Mongeluzo.

Keywords: being safe. 

“I have a simple solution that fixed my entire life," said Mongeluzo. "It stopped me from texting and driving. I had two accidents, wasn’t behaving behind the wheel, and now I’m way more productive.”

Ford magazine is calling it the "best office ever" in a write up on the Tech Tank in this month's issue.

“It’s on their website now, but it’s going to be a great moment to see it in print,” said Mongeluzo. "Just think, a little old computer company in South Jersey here made Ford magazine, pretty cool!"

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