Teen Arts Festival Showcases Area Talent and Creations

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Local artistic teens got a chance to show off their work on Friday, April 21st, at the Teen Arts Festival of Salem and Gloucester counties.

The fun-filled day hosted by Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, in Elmer, allowed students to get professional feedback on their work, participate in interactive visual and performing arts workshops, and perform for their peers in a safe environment.

"If you create the right community for children, they will blossom and so I love the spirit of this event," said Cori Solomon, executive director of Appel Farm. "It's not about being judged. So many things in the arts are about these kids going and competing against each other and then just being judged. The arts can be really competitive and cut throat and this event is not like that."

Six hundred students, teachers, and parents from 10 different schools came out to the event, as well as representatives from colleges who reviewed portfolios and gave out materials.

The festival was created more than 20 years ago by Roxanna Hurst and Rae Svecz who were also honored at a special ceremony during Friday's event.

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