Boundless Field Opens for Miracle League's 2017 Season

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Baseball season is back, which means Cherry Hill’s Boundless Field is open again, serving dozens of players with disabilities.

On Saturday, April 15th, hundreds of players, coaches, and volunteers packed the Cherry Hill stadium celebrating its fourth season of giving every child, and adult, a chance to play ball.

“[I'm] not a baseball fan, I’m not a sports fan of any kind,” says Jim Cummings, a board member of Build Jake’s Place. “But when I come here, is see so many kids’ lives enriched, just by doing something so simple as playing baseball.”

Build Jake’s Place opened in 2011, after “Baby Jake” Cummings-Nasto passed away from a rare cardiac medical condition.

After the all-access playground opened, the non-profit's board members had an idea to host a Miracle League for people with disabilities.

And so Boundless Field was born.

“Had Jake lived, it would have taken an army of us to take care of him,” says Lynn Cummings, a board member of Build Jake’s Place. “So, for us to see other families and feel that there’s some place for them to have fun, it’s just the best feeling in the world.”

We don’t need a scoreboard because it’s not important.

This past weekend marked the beginning of the league’s fourth season.

The field and stands were packed with players, coaches, fans, and “buddies” to assist the players, including the league's executive director, Art Aston.

“If they’re in a wheelchair, the buddy will push a wheelchair,” says Lynn Cummings. “If they’re a child with autism, it might take one or two buddies to keep the child entertained and focused during the innings and all.”

When you’re here at the Boundless Field, there are no rules.

Everyone hits.

Everyone runs.

Everyone scores.

And the scoreboard does not determine the winners of the game.

“When we first got here, they said the scoreboard doesn’t work, and we were disappointed,” says Jim Cummings. “A scoreboard is kind of part of a baseball game. But in the Miracle League, every player gets a hit. Every player gets a run. Every inning ends in a tie. So we don’t need a scoreboard because it’s not important.”

Kids and adults of all ages and with any disability are always welcome to join in the game or volunteer.

“Calling it the Miracle League, some people say, 'Well, you shouldn’t have to have a miracle to have a league like this.' No you shouldn’t,” adds Lynn Cummings.  “But you should be able to recognize miracles that happen every second here.”

“Considering I’m not a sports fan, I’m astonished by what baseball can do,” says Jim Cummings.

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