'Hate Has No Home in Cherry Hill' Video Created to Stress Community Efforts

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Over the last few weeks, bomb threats have been received by Jewish Community Centers around the country including here in New Jersey, in Camden County.

Although an arrest has been made, community members from Cherry Hill found a way to come together to celebrate the town's diversity and show that “Hate Has No Home in Cherry Hill.”

After a bomb threat was made to Cherry Hill’s Katz JCC several weeks ago, the community came together in support of one another.

A video has been created to put forth the message that Cherry Hill will not tolerate such hate crimes. 


“We’re much more than just a video, of course, we’re real people that live here every single day, [and] work here every day,” says Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn.

The police, city council, and students from Cherry Hill West High School’s Broadcast Team put together the video, showcasing all of the different people that make up their township and what they bring to the community.

“You know, it’s one thing to say that we’re a diverse community, put those things out in print,” says Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan. “But to actually show it, and you can see and hear — just the different languages that people speak in town, and the different faces that are within our town, and the different religious belief systems that are within our town—just to physically see it on video, I think, is extremely powerful.”

No matter the culture, religion, or language residents might speak, the creators of the video wanted viewers to see that they’re all in this together.

And if a situation does arise, the police are there to do their job.

“You know, there’s such anxiety, both nationally as well as locally with different things going on, we want communities to feel safe in calling us,” says Monaghan. “That’s what our purpose is; we’re here to help people.”

A humans relations panel, made up of members from different religion and ethnic groups, is coming together to act as a resource for local residents.

“That will be ... for people to come together, to talk about what’s happening in Cherry Hill, [and be] eyes and ears for the police department, [and] for us as town leaders,” says Cahn.

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