'Norman's Law' Bill Seeks to End Sales of Puppy Mill Dogs

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A bill inspired by a dog and a group of animal activists has flown through both houses in Trenton, and is now on its way to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s desk.

Norman, a lab mix, was adopted by Camden County Freeholder Jeffrey Nash.

Norman and a few local animal activists were the inspiration for the Freeholder’s fight.

“We’re trying to prevent the sale of animals that are bred at these horrific puppy mills,” said Nash.

“There is no excuse for supporting any type of ability to breed dogs in horrendous conditions, inhumane conditions that torture these animals simply for profit,” says Nash.

The legislation prohibits pet stores from selling animals that come from puppy mills.

Camden County’s 37 municipalities already prohibit these types of sales, and now the Freeholder and Norman are working on the rest of the state.

“We want to encourage people, rather than buying these dogs in the pet store, where they came from a horrible beginning, we want people to consider the rescues,” says Nash.

“The other purpose is to close down the supply chain for these puppy mills that are not in Camden County,” says Nash.  “The puppy mills are in places like the Midwest and some in Pennsylvania that bring the dogs into Camden County for sale.”

“True breeders of dogs won’t deal with a pet store or puppy store, they’ll only deal with the owners of the dogs that they’ll purchase from the breeder,” said David Semless, the President of Voorhees Animal Orphanage’s Board of Directors.

The Voorhees Animal Orphanage rescues dogs from all across Camden County, but they do not take in dogs from puppy mills.

If the rest of the state joins Camden County with the passing of Norman’s Law, that means pet stores all across the state will have to have a similar agenda.

With the hope that other counties will join in, the animal rescue community reminds residents can adopt a four-legged friend from an animal orphanage or shelter.

“This is what we have here, we have great dogs, you don’t have to go to a puppy store to find your forever pet,” said Semless.

Step by step, paw by paw, giving animals a fair chance.

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