Teen Singer Competes on 'The Voice'

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A Gloucester County teenager is taking his singing talents from the church stage to the big stage.

Dawson Coyle, a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Williamstown, started singing around the age of 13, before joining a guitar class at a local co-op. From there the home-schooled teenager’s love for music began to blossom.

“I sang and I was horrible, but I really like the vibe of music,” said Coyle. "So, I started playing more. I got better with my guitar and I started doing local coffee houses."

Whether he was singing with his choir at Calvary Chapel in Vineland or playing on his own, those around him knew he had something special and that he needed to take it to a bigger stage.

“I always watch The Voice on TV and I always was super jealous of everyone on that stage,” said Coyle.

So, with a little push, the non-competitive guy took a leap of faith and tried out for NBC TV show The Voice.

“It was nerve-wracking watching those two red doors open and seeing 500 people and the four biggest names in music,” said Coyle. "You know, no chairs were turning and it was terrifying because Blake [Shelton] decided to hit his buzzer [in] the last five seconds, and, you know, it was just a surreal moment. It’s just a moment that I’ll always hold dear and probably the best moment in my life."

While he belted out one of his favorite songs his biggest fans watched from the side of the stage.

It’s just a moment that I’ll always hold dear and probably the best moment in my life.

“It’s awesome," said Kathy Coyle, Dawson’s mother. "It’s just really cool to watch his dreams come true. It’s really the only thing that he loves so much. He’s always loved music."

Through his music, Coyle hopes to share his message.

“My message is in the name of Jesus," he says. "I just want to share His love and just bless everyone with music."

The 17-year-old still has a long road ahead on the NBC show, but he’s excited to see where this journey takes him.

“Win or lose, I’m just going to take away the memories that were made, that friendship, and all the knowledge that I gained through this,” said Coyle.

We may not know how the show will end in Los Angeles, but Coyle couldn’t be more thankful for the supportive group of family and friends he has right here in South Jersey. 



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