Gloucester County Middle School Receives Multi-Million Dollar Grant

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A Gloucester County middle school is jumping for joy as they received a grant that will provide funding they normally wouldn’t be able to get from the yearly school budget.

Members of the Glassboro community met at the Glassboro Intermediate School Thursday morning to celebrate a long-awaited day for the middle school.

“We’re celebrating this wonderful grant that we received, a SIG grant, that over five years we’re receiving over $2.1 million,” said Kriston Matthews, Principal for Glassboro Intermediate School.

This large grant will supply the middle school with resources they otherwise would’ve done without.

“We need it, our district has a population of students that are at risk," said Matthews. "Quite frankly, all students need support."

“Some people think that because this Intermediate School is small, like 350 students, they don’t need any of this," Dr. Mark Silverstein, the district’s Superintendent. "That’s not true. Students are students, whether you have 350 students or a 1,000 students, they all need the same support.” 

Now they’ll be able to provide that support.

“We’re able to bring to our community an additional guidance counselor, program specialist, data specialist, and we’re able to add laptops for every student in the school,” said Matthews.

“Students can take these things home and do work with them," said Pete Calvo, School Board President for Glassboro Public Schools. "So we’re really looking at getting them more engaged and promoting student achievement."

Glassboro Intermediate School is home to seventh and eighth-graders and the principal believes having extra support in the Guidance Office will go a long way for the teenagers.

“Students need someone to talk to, someone to share with," said Matthews."It’s going to result in some great things for the district so I’m excited about it.”

Dr. Silverstein believes this money will help the entire district thrive in the long run.

“Students are coming from sixth grade at Bowe School to leave here and going to the high school," said Silverstein. "So, if they’re well prepared here at the Intermediate School it benefits the entire district."

“Having this is going to amazing, it’s going to take our middle school from good to great,” exclaimed Matthews.

The district has high hopes that the support this grant will provide will help Glassboro students flourish for years to come.

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