AC Rescue Mission Asks Community for Help

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The Atlantic City Rescue Mission has been helping the homeless in the community since 1964 and now they are asking for people to help them continue their mission to provide warm meals to those in need.

“The kitchen is just worn out. After 3.5 million meals since around 1990 that’s a lot of wear and tear on all the kitchen equipment that we have,” explained Pastor Bill Warner, Vice President of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

“So it definitely needs a reboot, just because of the pure fact of how many meals we’ve given out,” said Dara Heston, operations staff at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

The kitchen serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the hundreds of people who walk through the door in Atlantic City every single day.

“Really it’s the hub of the wheel when you really look at it. It’s where people gather together, they get a chance to relax and calm down a little from all the stresses of life that they have,” said Warner.

Serving those meals becomes difficult when things aren’t up to par.

“A lot of it half works. This is our one oven that works really well, everything else is kind of spotty. So sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We definitely need ovens. Our dish machine breaks down all the time,” explained Heston.

They believe to get the kitchen back up in tip top shape they need to raise half a million dollars.

“What goes into a standard restaurant kitchen, that’s what we need. We’re looking to be able to replenish the old equipment and get all new,” explained Warner.

However, despite having to start preparations earlier because of the faulty equipment, they’re just happy to be able to serve the community.

“It’s a blessing because we have what we have, we get to do what we do. So you take the good with the bad,” expressed Heston.

To help them keep doing some good they are reaching out for help.

“I’m hoping the community will open up their hearts for us,” said Heston.

“They can bring them here. They can go online to and donate there. we would deeply appreciate any help that can come from our friends out in the community,” explained Warner. 

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