Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at the Central Nerve Center of Camden County P.D.

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When a crime is going down, police officers don’t always know all of the details until they arrive on scene. To help protect the safety of their officers and residents, the Camden County Police Department is able to provide some extra eyes and ears.

“We have a lot of professional analysts in here, that’s their background, that’s their education, to analyze crime trends, community input, and assist officers on the street real time,” said Captain Greg Carlin of the Camden County Police Department.

Technology is not replacing Camden County Police officers on the streets, but instead helping them patrol. Members of the Real Time Tactical Operation Intelligence Center are doing everything from detecting the source of the sound of gunshots to an exact location in less than ten seconds, to where a heated argument is taking place.

“They’re trained to identify things that may lead to a violent act or a criminal act and get ahead of it, and send somebody there real time,” said Captain Carlin.

With the help of a GPS system constantly tracking the whereabouts of every officer on patrol, staff in the real time operation center can dispatch the closest officers to incidents or problem areas while feeding them need-to-know information.

“How many calls to that residence, what types of calls to that residence in the past, things to know about the potential suspect, things of that nature,” said Captain Gabriel Camacho, of the Camden County Police Department. “You know, not only helping the victim, but also the officer, as far as his safety.”

Although this high-tech nerve center of the department has been operating in this capacity for about six months, the officers say they still rely heavily on community input.

Residents and those worried about privacy can apply for a program where they can preview cameras, and help give information on their neighborhood.

“We use them as a force multiplier. Obviously, a camera could never replace an officer being on the street, but using our community policing model, we do have the officers walking, and we have these cameras to support us,” said Captain Carlin.

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