Nor'Easter Causes Flooding For Ocean City Residents

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This week’s nor’easter left many in South Jersey dealing with flood waters. And even though Ocean City was still experiencing some minor flooding hours after high tide, many residents said that this flooding is nothing like past storms.

“It’s not as bad as it usually gets,” said Judy Kelley, a resident Ocean City.

“It’s a little bad, but it’s been worse. It’s been worse where it comes up to the third step down here. But right now it’s only up to the first step. It’s not as bad as some,” said Ocean City Resident Vincent Allegretto.

Residents believe this nor’easter was not even comparable to last year’s Winter Storm Jonas.

“Certainly not as bad as Jonas was last year. Jonas was bad enough that even though I live in the middle of the block, my entire property was under water. But this time it only came up to the steps, so that wasn’t too bad,” said Dale Braun of Ocean City.

For part of Tuesday morning, Ocean City still saw some rainfall.

“I mean it’s off and on. They said it was only going to be one day, but now here it is the second day,” expressed Michael Rowell, another resident Ocean City.

And neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow stopped a postal carrier from delivering mail to residents on West Avenue.

However, according to residents, Tuesday’s wind and rain weren't nearly as intense as Monday’s.  

“They were pretty bad. Yeah it was rocking the house quite a bit, so the house shakes when the wind blows,” explained Kelley.  

“Yesterday was terrible. There was a lot of wind; then it started raining in the afternoon. The wind was terrible, but we all survived,” said Allegretto.  

“Very heavy wind, you could actually feel the house shake but they’re designed to do that here at the shore,” said Braun.

However, most say flooding is something residents get used to when living by the water.

“My whole philosophy is if you don’t like flooding then don’t buy a house on an island. It’s just one of the things that we deal with,” expressed Kelley. 

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