Salem County Health Department to Distribute Drug Deactivation Pouches

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After partnering with a local non-profit health organization, the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services, or DHHS, is taking the first steps in preventing the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs through their drug program.

In December, Inspira Health Network partnered with local counties to provide those agencies with the Deterra Drug Deactivation System, free of charge. On Tuesday, the Salem County Health Department announced that it will distribute Deterra pouches to the public by the department’s nurses at their various health screenings.

Deterra is a patented drug deactivation system using activated carbon to neutralize the active agents in pills, patches, and liquids. When warm water is added to the 6” x 9” pouch and resealed, carbon will draw out the additives, rendering the contents of the pouch unusable and the pouch can be disposed of in normal trash.

“We know that one gateway to drug addiction is through the misuse of prescription medications,” said Bob Vanderslice, Freeholder Director and chair of the DHHS committee. “The ability to promote safe disposal through the Deterra pouch system is an easy, safe, preventative step. The County is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Inspira.”

The pouches will be issued by nurses of the DHHS at health screenings and special events of the Office on Aging and Disabilities.

Individuals who would like to secure a pouch can contact the Department of Health and Human Services at 856-935-7510.

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