Personality Style Expert Identifies Candidates in a Unique Way

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In an effort to better understand the presidential candidates, a personality style expert took a deeper look into what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s personality say about them and the way they’ll lead the country.

Take Flight Learning helps organizations identify personality styles and teaches them how to be the best they can be together.

CEO Merrick Rosenberg identifies people in four personality styles using four different bird types; There are eagles, who takes charge and directs. Parrots, that are fun and social. Doves, who soft-spoken and just want everyone to get along. And then there are owls who are very logical and analytical.

So Rosenberg has taken this method and applied it to the candidates vying to be the next president of the United States.

“Take a look at Donald Trump. He is the eagle, he is direct, he is assertive, he is big picture, he doesn’t really speak in a lot of details,” said Rosenberg.

Which Rosenberg says can sometimes come across as aggressive or arrogant.

“Hillary is much more of the owl, which is very logical and analytical and she shares a lot of policy, a lot of detail and a lot of data,” said Rosenberg.

He says people can sometimes struggle with relating to owls because they can lack a personal touch.

However, despite the clear differences, both candidates face one similar challenge.

“The challenge with Hillary and Trump is they stayed so within their style that they’re not appealing to everybody. Those that are the most flexible are the best leaders,” said Rosenberg.

And when it came to selecting their Vice President both presidential candidates picked a running mate that complimented their personality birds of an eagle and an owl.

Rosenberg compares Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence to an owl, because Trump needed someone who is much more detail oriented and can compensate for what he lacks. And for Clinton’s owl personality, she chose Democrat Tim Kaine who is someone that can be soft-spoken but also enthusiastic, so part parrot and dove.

“So in a sense they both staffed their weakness,” said Rosenberg.

Whether voters elect an eagle or the owl, a new bird will take flight for the white house after Election Day's ballots are all tallied up.

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